The Paris Agreement on Climate Change poses unique challenges for science as the Parties recognized  »the need for an effective and progressive response to the urgent threat of climate change on the basis of the best available scientific knowledge‘’.

Those challenges are complex and interwined by nature. If an in-depth understanding of the Earth System is mandatory, key issues such as global health, food, water and energy have to be equally studies from ecological, biological, environmental, social, technological, and economic perspectives to charactzerize the mechanisms at play. The ultimate goals should be to propose mitigation and adaptation strategies for societies as envisoned in the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations. This implies the development of top-level research programs, from fundamental to solution-oriented research projects, by bringing together scientists with international ambition.

France and Germany are jointly supporting the implementation of the Paris Agreement. Both countries are leading the way with their coordinated fellowship program to promote research in the areas of climate, energy and the Earth system. Under the French initiative « Make our planet great again » they have invited researchers from all over the world to cooperate with German and French partners in top-level research projects to address global and climate changes in the following fields of sustainability science:
Earth system / Climate change / Energy transition