Scientific Mid-Term Conference

The scientific mid-term conference of the Franco-German MOPGA Program took place in a hybrid format from November 23rd to 24th 2021 at Ecole de  Chimie, Polymères et Matériaux (ECPM) – Strasbourg, France. This event provided a platform for scientific and interdisciplinary exchange in the research areas of global change.

The diversity of over 50 MOPGA projects that have been represented illustrates clearly the multi-dimensional and complex problems the global community faces in order to tackle real-world problems with involving multiple stakeholders. Under the slogan “Assessing, Understanding, Mitigating Global Change” the conference covered the full spectrum of disciplines: from understanding Earth’s climate history in deep time to current, and predicting future atmospheric processes; response of biodiversity and ecosystems, including coupled human-natural systems; and solutions ranging from cutting-edge technology development to political and social adaptation strategies.

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